For the 41st anniversary of the Weston Super Mare Beach Race

For an event as big as the Weston Beach Race the use of transponders is essential and a requirement to participate.

Please fill out the form below to Hire your Transponder.

Cost – £45.00

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    Once you have completed the online booking process you will receive a confirmation e-mail (please print your confirmation e-mail as you will need it on the day).

    Where do I collect the hire transponder:

    From the HS Sports timing cabin opposite the finish line

    What will I need on the day:

    To collect your transponder you will need your confirmation e-mail and riders pass. You will need to sign a form confirming you have received the transponder and that you agree to pay for the replacement if it is not returned by Wednesday 16th October 2024. You will also need to provide a debit/credit card with which a pre-authorised amount of £150.00 will be taken (this is not actually removed from your account it is just authorised by the bank. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BANK MAY PUT THE MONEY ON ONE SIDE FOR UP TO 10 DAYS, WHICH WILL MEAN YOU ARE UNABLE TO DRAW IT OUT OF YOUR BANK.). Once the transponder has been returned the pre-authorised transaction will be cancelled.

    What happens if I do not return the hire transponder:

    If the transponder is not returned by midday on Wednesday 16th October 2023 then the pre-authorised amount of £150.00 will be taken from your debit/credit card to put towards the full replacement cost of the transponder and an invoice will be issued for the balance.

    Where do I return the hire transponder:

    The hire transponder must be returned to the same point that you collected it from.

    Will I receive anything to confirm I have returned my transponder:

    When you return your transponder you will receive a slip to confirm that is has been returned.

    To view the full terms and conditions please Click Here

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